Solar panel System in Iloilo City, Western Visayas for sale

Refrigerators, ovens etc.

For Sale: Solar System with Installation-Package
SolarPanel Grid-Tied(to MERALCO/PECO/ILECO/**ECO)
Grid-Tied to Electric Utility (220V)
Min. 1,500Watt Solar System -175,000Php
Service Warranty
4yrs. service warranty (break-it-even)for SolarX Inverters
8 yrs. service warranty - Canadian Solar Panels
1 yr. for Solar Battery - low maintenance
Contact Person: Mouen Sanchez -Facebook Messenger
Facebook - Mouen Sanchez
Contact Number: 0927 312 69 00
*(solar power 1500watt = 2500php - 3500php saved per month)
*Area - Iloilo,NCR, Batangas
*Low Maintenance Solar System
*Prices changes if(1,500++) higher Wattage required
Or (battery back-up- 3000watts solar system costs 700,000php)